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acara The Arts Foundation

Here is the link to the draft Arts curriculum which arrived in my inbox in an ominously small email.

ACARA The Arts




apps for class

Here are all the iOS apps I’ve got after briefly searching and following a few links and watching a few videos


  • Animoog
  • DJ Mixer Pro
  • Beatwave
  • Filtotron
  • Aeolian Harp
  • Reactable
  • Bebot
  • Alchemy
  • iShakuhachi
  • iKoto
  • MorphWiz
  • iMaschine
  • Figure
  • SoundPrism

Games and recording platforms

  • Garageband
  • iTalk
  • Bit.Trip Beat
  • AmpliTube
  • MadPad HD

Other resources

  • MusicSparkle
  • Sounddrop
  • Music Theory
  • mynotegame
  • WI Orchestra
  • Music Theory – Wolfram
  • Rainbow Notes
  • Magic Piano
  • Track Builder
  • Nota
  • Rhythm Flash Cards
  • Ear Trainer
  • ReadRhythm
  • Classical I
  • Music for Little Mozarts
  • ChordKumu
  • Karajan Music and Ear Trainer

Just realised how unoriginal some of the names are. Anyway they’ve all served me or are going to serve in way or another. Another teacher just put me onto all the free lectures and resources on iTunes U too. Looking forward to finding more there.

Values Education

I’ve been writing reports intensively lately and with the double whammy of being sick with a cold. I was desperate for anything to freshen me up. While I was writing I was thinking about creativity, obviously wanting to include this as much as posible in the comments for my students. We focus on values education but I think we need to understand this better.


Everybody uses it.

It is looking inward and making something at the same time.

Sometimes I see one of my students trying something so completely different I think I must have totally messed up my instructions but really it’s about where does the inspiration for their creativity come from?

Often people create things that have as much in them as possible to make them as interesting as possible. We think that has to be creative but it doesn’t do anything for us. It’s better to hear or see work that ‘just happened’. Then we ask how did you do that, why did you choose that brush, how come the speed changes there, etc.

Students aren’t creative by chance. They respond so deeply to our lessons but channeling their creativity into the work can be dependent on their emotions. We all feel something from working creatively. We even respond to our own work after it’s been finished. Maybe even those who don’t listen to or watch their work again might still go there in reflection.

If you feel good about something you’ve made – it’s a vast resource to tap in the future. As long as it didn’t come from a destructive emotion.

I am going to try and make techniques for using creative ideas in music more explicit for my students.

Jackson Pollock

Beats – easy performances, creating and improvisation

I found this app called iMaschine that totally does everything I would imagine my students need in a quick lesson that has depth. This sounds awesome and it turns the touch screen into the best possible surface to create with.


I can’t believe that this actually exists I love the way it works. I haven’t used many others. That’s because I don’t really need to I guess.

Blogging for my school

I just finished a new blog for school. It was so fun making it, thinking about what the students might like to see and use it for. I especially liked figuring out how to set it up. Here it is please let me know what you think, it’s the first time I’ve done this!

Ruskin Park Primary School blog